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protrend by dew SHIPPING POLICy

We offer you the fastest and most reliable shipping available. Please view our policies below; if you are unable to find what you're looking for or require international shipping, please Line: @protrendbydew or email us at and we will be happy to assist you.

Domestic Tracked Shipping

Our shipping Estimated Delivery Time applies to any order with a Estimate Delivery - 11 May 18 update.pdf

DHL eCommerce

DHL eCommerce high quality delivery services provides a positive doorstep experiences with on-time delivery of parcels in the best condition.

Reliable Transit Times

  • Bangkok Area and Urban Thailand upcountry: next day
  • Remote Areas upcountry: 2-3 days
  • >99% reliability

Our shipping Estimated Delivery Time applies to any order with a Estimate Delivery - 11 May 18 update.pdf


  • Nationwide coverage
  • Door-to-door service with return of undeliverables


  • Control and visibility of the delivery process
  • Pre-delivery SMS with direct link to shipment tracking


Once your order has shipped and the carrier has generated a tracking number, you will be emailed the tracking information. Tracking information is available within your account.  Click here to track your order.

If you have any shipping concerns please Line: @protrendbydew or email us at  with order ID for assistance.


When parcel arriveed depot in your area agent will made an appointment by call before made delivery attempt. You can pospone 3 time before return.
There will be a maximum of 3 delivery attempt made. If agent can't reach you in 7 days parcel will return.

In the event no one is available to receive the parcel you have 3 option to receive package:

  • Ask a neighbour to receive.
  • Allow to left with Front Office or Security Office of your place
  • Contact to receive by yourself at DHL Depot


Our shipping methods are only as accurate as the information that we are given. Please verify all of your shipping and billing information when placing your order. Our system is capable of retaining multiple addresses; although it will always select the default address for both shipping and billing. You will have the option of entering a new address or selecting one that has been previously entered during the checkout process.  It is your responsibility to verify that all addresses are complete and accurate. Please make sure to include postcode, mobile phone, your House, flat, apartment, suite, unit or room number to ensure proper and timely delivery of your order.  All orders will be shipped to the address listed on the confirmation page of the order. It will be charge for shipping cost if wrong address and have to ship again.


Shipping Cost

Please contact us to get a quote for International shipping.

Import Duties, Fees, and Taxes:

All orders shipping to a destination outside of the Thailand are subject to the local import duties, fees, and taxes of the destination country.

Delays in delivery may occur if your package is randomly selected by your country’s Customs Department or Agency for inspection.

We have no control over the process or additional charges associated with the delivery and importation of your order (package) into your country. We do not benefit in any way from these charges and we work very closely with our brokers and carriers to ensure as few delays as possible.

We are not responsible for any duties, fees, or taxes that are incurred during the delivery of your order/package.

Please note that it is your responsibility to obtain any necessary governmental permission and/or documentation for import approval, as well as to verify and pay all local import charges including duties, fees, and taxes.


All damaged packages must be reported to us within 1 business day of receipt. These packages will be reported to the carrier for a damage claim. Please do not discard any packaging or product until all shipping issues have been resolved.

If your package is lost, please contact us as soon as possible (Estimate Delivery - 11 May 18 update.pdf within 15 days of your order being despatched) by email  or Line: @protrendbydew so that we can work with you to resolve the issue. We request that you check with all family members, co-workers, neighbours, or any other person that may have accepted or stored the package before reporting that it is lost or missing. If you live in an apartment complex, please check with the front office to see if it was received by them.

In the event that a package is detained or refused at time of import by the country’s Customs Agency for any reason, we will credit a full refund of the order less the total shipping charges including any return charges. This refund is processed when the order is returned to us.

If an order/package is refused and sent back to us with outstanding charges incurred during delivery, we will apply all charges to the purchaser’s account and deduct the charges directly from the credited amount due to you for the return upon receipt of the returned package.

We must allow the following working days before we are able to make a claim with our courier company in regards to any parcels that are lost in transit - Estimate Delivery - 11 May 18 update.pdf


If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact our team by Line: @protrendbydew or emailing

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